The time has come! I’m selling off the last of my Fajita prints. These babies will be autographed, and include a character sketch with every print purchased!

They are Limited Edition prints from the webcomic series Fajita, which I worked on from 2009 until 2013, marking the two acts of it’s yet unfinished story. These prints are the last of the extras I have left. There are currently as few as four (4) of them. And like I said, each of the prints will be autographed and include a separate mini sketch of a Fajita character. Once they are gone, they are gone. 

While all this is happening, I’m also selling a $5 bundle of my Anime Fan Prints, these don’t come with anything extra but it’s less than a buck a print! So check that out too while you’re at it. Supplies ARE limited, so it’s a sort of first-come-first-serve affair, and it’s all up on my bigcartel store!